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2004 Nov 15 Аэродром
Ностальгические впечатления от полета ветра вокруг заброшенного аэродрома за минуту до момента смерти старого летчика из-за сердечного приступа, вызванного алкоголем (in Russian)
2004 Mar 20 With the wind Another fade to grey;). Based on "At the edge" originally written in Russian together with Dana Mad
(Russian translation: На краю)
2001 Nov 1 The Avalanche A text comment to "Parting" (Image #12 in "design" section)
1998 Feb 18 Fade to gray Nothing to add to the name: it's a fade to gray
(Russian translation: Исчезновение)
1997 Dec 5 Onhigh Pilot's past transformation
1997 Apr 14 Зеркало
Лингвистическая абстракция на русском языке (Linguistic abstraction in Russian)
1997 Feb 4 Iris "Dreams of neverland". Surely, in the past tense;)
1997 Jan 16 Selena The final state somewhere between blankness and despair. May be considered a parody to all suicidal lyrics:)
(Russian translation: Selena)
1996 Aug 24 Finita Life becoming darker and darker... but there is a flash in the very end
(Russian variant: Выход)
1996 May 27 The Choice The drug-driven psycho break-up
1996 (?) The vestige It was an idea to write something light but from the middle it carried me to my usual doom
(Russian translation: След)
1995 Dec 31 Road The only completely imaginary thing. This is how the casual evident had to interprete the events of Finita
1995 Jun 6 The Story Semiautobiography of 1993 Apr-Nov. Memories / concept / fantasy
(Partial Russian translation: История)
1995 Apr 25 Autumn in ZP The central one. An integrated view to the past after 3 year long decay
(Russian translation: Осень в ЦП)
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