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Here you can have a look at the following statements related to how people percept the world and each other. Whoever knows, that may be the way to recognize one more destined affinity:). You are expected to check or uncheck the checkbox beside each of following lines. If you consider the expression true check the box, otherwise uncheck. The initial values came from my answers in 1999. Pressing 'Send' button will e-mail me your answers. If you wish to discuss all of this stuff include your age and gender below the form, please.


  1. It's better to communicate with powerful transmitters than with the sensitive receivers
  2. I think I'm more powerful transmitter than sensitive receiver
  3. To be exact I think I'm both :)
  4. The "feeling strength" (=the characteristics of transmitter power) is one of the main things that describe a person
  5. The complete sincerity is an indispensable condition for happiness
  6. It's not possible to love one person twice a life (with break in between)
  7. Being fell in love may reach its end by its own i.e. without any clearly-seen reason (including for those whose state ends)
  8. Being fell in love may reach its end only by its own i.e. only without any reason (including for those whose state ends)
  9. I'm always either fallen in love or in search for the matching objects or I feel terribly tired
  10. Generally, the life is the search of company (at least of two)
  11. Generally, everything is possible, nothing to exclude
  12. But they exist, the things that have the absolute (not probabilistic) nature
  13. The moment of love recognition coincides with the moment of internal reorientation from "demonstration" to "care"
  14. All the phenomena may be divided into two categories:
    1. wind, speed, sex, kef, flash, game, brightness, intention, longing, movement,
    2. volume, substance, sincerity, love, calmness, deep, silence, rapture, light,
  15. But some fit both of the above:
      flight, water, pain,
  16. It's more "cool" (~stronger, more intensive or smth. like that) to love than to be loved, and the former requires only one person (oneself) while the latter requires at least two
  17. The previous expression is one of the main principles that forms my point of view on life
  18. Having once tested something "cool" I would be never fully satisfied by anything less
  19. Everything which is below the certain level may be considered equall (There is the level below which the degree of 'belowness' is no longer important)
  20. Everything which is above the certain level may be considered equall too (There is the level above which the degree of 'aboveness' is no longer important)
  21. It's better to live in the world with only two colors (black & white) than in the world with the whole grayscale but without black and white (in the case you definitely know the twain exist).
  22. I devide people into those who are able to be happy (as I understand it) and those who are not
  23. Happiness is to Volume as Kef is to Movement
  24. Kef is the multicolored search while happiness is the matter unition
    (matter = feelings, thoughts, fears, associations, information, material objects etc.)
  25. Sex is to Flash as Love is to Calmness
  26. Kef is to Game as Happiness is to psychological intimacy (the same as Use to Co-work or Nessecity to Ritual)
  27. While the game is on happiness is excluded
    WHILE (the game==on) { LOCK (happiness) ;
  28. I prefer not to hide what is inside me, if others want to know that
  29. I do it by inertia (left of self-demonstration) rather than by hope to find a twin soul who can understand it
  30. To be exact, both reasons mentioned above are true
  31. The expression that the nature-projected way humans breed is the source of any unhappiness is not so silly as it may seem at the first glance
  32. It's possible to love two or more persons at once, each so strong and deep as love can ever be
  33. The maximal number of these persons (as well as ideas, or anything else) is a characteristic of individual mental power
  34. While love is knowledge, falling in love is the lack of knowledge intending to become knowledge
  35. While hate is an antonym to passion, antonym to love is indifference
  36. One can never be unsure in whether him(her)self loves or not
  37. Except love, the only thing one can be 100% sure is death
  38. The meaning of Life is saving the information during the period when the biological envelope exists (at least in the form of the genetic code, and at most as stored memory and results of activity). The organism is a temporary capsule on the way of resistance to the entropy by transferring of information to the future.
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