Driving exam

Comment: Either answer from the point of view of road rules or from the point of view of fun. But not these two variants mixed, otherwise you will get a wrong result. Some questions were added for your enjoyment only and does not have any proper answers (if you select a "rule of the road" strategy, leave them blank). If you speak Russian, a good solution is to press a flag in the upper left corner and answer the test in its original language (some clenches were lost during translation).

  1. Approaching an unregulated crossroad you see a huge truck crossing your way from the left at 100kph. You action:
  2. Driving 120khp you suddenly see a drunk pedestrian creeping out to the highway from the dark. You action:
  3. What does they mean, two long brake traces in front of a police picket?
  4. Why could two bikers have a frontal crush on a 10-lane highway in the night?
  5. The only way to avoid a 20km loop is to drive through the state park, as you always do. But when you entered the park today you saw a policemen awaiting for such an unlucky man. Your action:
  6. What is the responsibility for driving through the town with a partially decomposed human arm sticking out of the boot?
  7. Driving fast on a 3-lane road you see a dead cat lying on it. Your action:
  8. Driving on a village road you see a smashed car lying wheels-up on the roadside, and you hear slight moan from inside. Your actions:
  9. You are driving a sportcar with a girlfriend(boyfriend) and suddenly see big pool of oil on the road. You try to prevent the skidding and to brake down but in vain, your car is rotated perpendicularly to the road and finally turns upside-down. After it stops, the sequence of your actions is:
  10. After buying a car you discover that it accelerates too suddenly, and brakes too slowly. How can you solve the problem?
  11. Driving on a village road you see a brick sign and make an U-turn. But after you drove 500m backwards you see another brick sign. What can it mean if the are no road exits between these road signs?
  12. Four cars synchronously approach the unregulated crossroad without signs and without clear priority. Who should drive first?
  13. What should you check before you start driving in the morning?
  14. You had a traffic accident and it's not clear who is guilty. Your actions:
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