Love : what is it?

Please don't expect a scientific psycho interpretation. I can only say whether your answers match those of mine. Just enjoy! If you speak Russian, a good solution is to press a flag in the upper left corner and answer the test in its original language (some clenches were lost during translation).

  1. if to be crazy about somebody is to lose ones mind in the beginning, what is lost in the end:
    • memory
    • remorse
    • money
    • difference
    • dignity
  2. Love is:
    • an award
    • a punishment
    • a union
    • a pleasant addition to life
    • the way to earn money
    • a duty
    • a mirage
    • an act of God
    • a social cliche
    • a piece of mind
    • dust in the wind
    • the most hackneyed word in any language, after "God"
  3. Does the love give or take:
    • does give
    • does take
    • gives and takes synchronously
    • first gives, then takes
    • first takes, then gives
    • first gives you a kick, then catches you once more and gives another kick
  4. What is the characteristic attribute of one who has fallen in love?
    • self-confidence
    • diffidence
    • idiotism
    • lack of money
    • a bow-tie
    • a condom
    • a wallet
    • blank look
  5. What is the characteristic attribute of one who loves?
    • a big beer belly
    • light in one's face
    • prominent eyes
    • exhausted outlook
    • clean hair
    • similarity to the object of love
  6. Love is as a bird -
    • ...never heard
    • with pads up
    • with wings gnawed round
    • with torture on from the early morning
    • with angel's voice
    • with a piece of bleeding meet in a beak
  7. What happens with two humans in reflected love?
    • foobar
    • children
    • happiness
    • duel
    • lechery
    • they are excluded from the list of objects
  8. When love is over, it:
    • dies
    • disappears
    • impedes your life
    • masks off
    • changes its object
    • rots together with its subject
    • the subject is over too
    • …The question is senseless.
  9. Can love be ordered?
    • yes
    • no
    • yes, to a killer
    • together with object only
    • only to oneself
    • yes, but you have to pay by the same coin
  10. Can you visually determine that one has fallen in love?
    • always
    • never
    • only if you are the object of this state
    • only if you are not the object of this state
    • only with lights off, on the opposite lane of highway at night
    • it's possible to determine only that one WAS in love
    • oh, can you see anything in such darkness?
  11. The love smells as:
    • wind
    • death
    • sun
    • starch
    • blood
    • a new car
    • shit
  12. The love can start:
    • at the first sting
    • at the first look inside the soul
    • at the first phrase
    • at the first sex
    • from fighting
    • from wedding
    • at birth
    • on its own
  13. Which words can terminate the love?
    • any words
    • "I love you"
    • "Darling, will you buy me another car?"
    • "Go to hell"
    • "Come here, my pussycat"
    • " stdcall Aver change far jump into JNZ, three bytes back, oh shit.. ah, what did you say?"
    • "Will you marry me?"
    • "Give me a wrench 14 mm, please"
  14. What do they eat, who fell in love?
    • eagles' liver
    • others' happiness
    • their own happiness
    • each other
    • anything that can move
    • biomass
  15. How many hours a day is reserved for love?
    • depends on the prison director
    • 24 minus time to live
    • 24 minus time you see the object of love
    • is there any difference?
  16. The formula of love is:
    • a fruit of morbid imagination
    • a formula of the human pheromone
    • a formula of some hormone
    • C2H5OH
    • a racing class
    • a pick-up instruction
    • the formula of eternal life
  17. What of the following is the most use:
    • to love
    • to be loved
    • to be loved by everybody
    • to love, exactly oneself
    • to love without stop
  18. What of the following is the most pleasure
    • to love
    • to be loved
    • to be loved by everybody
    • to love, exactly oneself
    • to love without stop
  19. How many times a life can love happen?
    • until starts to bother
    • unless you are not up to it
    • while everything is all the same
    • unless everything is all the same
    • while there is somebody to love
    • only once but what a time!
  20. The human love is based:
    • in ones mind
    • in ones heart
    • in ones ass
    • in ones stomach
    • in ones wallet
    • at home
    • under the bed
    • it depends on the gender of this human
    • in the Internet
  21. Which word suits better to the word "love"?
    • damned
    • unreflected
    • sinful
    • venal
    • beautiful
    • rotten
    • celestial
    • earthly
    • silly
    • childish
    • mother's
    • unidirectional
    • infinite
    • unconscious
  22. Physical contact with object of love:
    • is needed as air and water
    • is needed as panem et circenses
    • is the same as the fifth leg for a fish
    • will pay back one day
    • provocates the loss of mental contact
    • finally kills a contacter
    • is a promotive force of the evolution
    • allows finishing of stride for the subkect
    • replaces a glass of milk
  23. If the object of your love is an old evil witch, then you:
    • are an old witch doctor
    • can see better than others
    • are myopic
    • are impotent
    • love fairytales
    • can find beauty in commonplace phenomena

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