OLGA: delirium recognition test

Two of the explanations below are correct. Can you find which?

On-Line Guitar Archive the name for popular databank of guitar and bass tablatures on the Internet
Official Law of Get-Awaythe set of rules for USA emmigration police applicable to the procedure of illegal resident deportation
Off-surface Light Growth Applicationthe type of phytobacterial culture migrating from the carrier surface during the photosynthetic expansion of colony
Octave Line Gradual Alignmentmelody arrangement implying the syncopation of the desired fragment with sequental octave-fold basetone shifts
Over-Loaned Goods Assignthe expropriation of tenement of the juridical person by the court decision about defendant's inability to pay back the loan
Origins of Loneliness Glow ApartRichard Bach's phylosophic treatise related to the affect of loneliness on the formation of personal psychic stamina
Obscure Life of Great Agentspopular TV series of 80th dedicated to the biography of great spies
Odious Lovers, Go Away!a trade union slogan against signing american hippies in the work on manufacturing enterprises
Official Link to Goverment Accountthe way of financing the paragovermental organizations by the association of participant accounts with international intelligence funds
Optimal Lock Gain Adjustmentthe value of gain in the receiver channel of deuterium stabilization system ("lock") in modern NMR instruments, which allows the easiest tuning of spectrum resolution
Old-time Location of Grave Adorementthe location of tomb in the the decedent foot, popular in Latin America in 18-19th centuries
Organic Land Grid Arraythe way of transistor packing within a microchip based on synthetic polymer matrix
Opened Locus of Gene Attachmentthe trajectory of transmigrated gene attachment to the DNA molecule that leaves this gene opened for the fermentative impact
Obviously Lonesome Grace AppearanceAlan Parker's comedy, one of his first films
Object of Line-Gradient Approximationthe multidimentional set of statistical data being approximated by the set of linear trends with factors linearly changing at each next dimension
Omnipurpose Loam Granulation Automatethe multipurpose machine for pounding of loamy layer components during the excavation of the bauxite mine
Occasional Love Gain Activitythe psychatric term for the unpredicted burst of somatic sexual sensation of schizophreniform confusion-psychosis type patients

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