Imaging: Portraits

Portrait is the mainstream of my photo activity. Working with amateur models I take pictures in a home studio (Moscow, Russia). Most of commercial customs are individual portraits.

The final step is the computer mount and equalization (e.g. design gallery) which may be also done with customer's photos.

I invite everybody who wants to try non-commerical modeling for our co-work. Feel free to email me if you suggest our photographic experiments can be productive, especially if you have your own ideas of how to express the image you want.

The same e-mail is for customers to be photographed in a normal commercial order. The colorprint of any format desired, computer mount, frames and other accessories can also be supplied.

To enlarge, click on a preview. Each picture is presented in Color and B&W variants (to switch click links on the image pages).

Fujifilm X-T30, lens: 35/1.4, 16-55/2.8, 10-24/4.0, 55-200/3.8-4.5; Past: Canon 40D, Tokina 16-50/2.8, Sigma 10-20/3.5, Sigma 50/2.8, Sigma APO 70-300/3.5-5.6, Soligor C/D7 2X-teleconverter. Porst (CR3 camera, 35/2.8, 50/1.8, 135/2.8), Canon EOS33/EOS50 (Sigma 28-105/2.8-4.0, Mir-47 20/2.8, Tokina 12-24/4.0, Canon 17-85/4.0-5.6 IS)
Unomat LX901GZ halogen lamps, halogen bulbs in home-made electric fittings, flashlights: Sigma EF500 DG Super, Unomat SF-1 and B24TAC, Soligor light trigger
Falcon Eyes tripods, lightstands and reflectors, Cokin (P-size) filters, 270 cm reel backgrounds (black,grey,white), home-made electrical connections
Win-10x64, Adobe PhotoShop CC19 on AMD Ryzen-9 4.3GHz / 32Gb DDR-4 2.4 GHz / SSD NVMe + SSD SATA + HDD, click here for details
Colorprint / film
Noritsu minilab, Fujicolor materials; EPSON Premium Semigloss Paper, Epson R800. Past: Agfa HDC200 in studio, Agfa XRG200, Fujicolor G200 or Superia 200 outdoors

Online exhibitions

profiles at photo sites:

  • HieroGlyph (framed&signed pics)
  • (a lot, comments in Russian)
  • Non-Stop Photo (framed&signed pics)
  • Photo Forum
  • Art Hero

    The minimal video mode for this page is 1024*768 True Color. Sending me a query (by e-mail) you may have these and other pictures better resolved (up to 6 Mpix) or printed.

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