Personal projects + friends

  • Book list. Subjective MUST READ from the point of view of taste and of forming a capability to think and feel (in Russian).
  • Comments to films. My comments to film torrents at kinozal.TV (in Russian).
  • Selected Pictures. A gallery of carefully selected images retrived from the net (graphics, painting, photography, 3D). Categorized, with preview.
  • Two Ferozas. My blog and account at DRIVE2 (in Russian).
  • Creative gallery. Huge gallery of high-quality scans of modern painters (two dozens of painters, thousands of artworks). Scanned and categorized by Dana Mad.
  • The World of Fantasy by Dana Mad. Collection of fantasy heroes with illustrated descriptions. Witches, elves, unicorns etc., classified by Dana Mad. +Lyrics and photos by the author.
  • Polina Krylenko. Graphics, painting.
  • MCL graduates - online contact database for Moscow Chemical Lyceum graduates (1993-2005).
  • This site author in social networks: Facebook, VKontakte.

Feel free to send me related links to personal non-commercial projects (especially if you know me :)