NMR spectroscopy practice

The extended practical course of NMR spectroscopy is provided by the NMR center of IOCh RAoS equiped with Bruker NMR instruments. It aims at giving students an ability to use variety of modern NMR methods at high-resolution (200-300 MHz) NMR instruments. Each group of 1-3 students is provided with 12-20 hours of qualified teaching and assistance. The NMR instruments used are Bruker AC200, WM250 and AM300.

Adapted detail description for the experiments studied within our practical course:
NMR practice - manual Ph. Toukach "Basic NMR experiments on Bruker WM/AM/AC NMR machines"

  • 1H 1D NMR experiment without solvent suppression
  • The special notes on solvent suppression (SSHD)
  • 13C and other heteronuclei 1D NMR experiment special notes
  • Cables connecting
  • Special notes on homedecoupling (direct way, DIF, DIFSUP)
  • Pulse length measurement
  • Organizing the chain of NMR experiments
  • H/H COSY experiment (COSY, COSY45)
  • COSY RCT and RCT2 experiments special notes (COSYRCT, COSYRCT2)
  • DQF COSY experiment special notes (COSYDQF)
  • Special notes on solvent suppression in COSY-related experiments (COSYHG, COSYRCTG, COSRCT2G)
  • 2D NOESY experiment special notes (NOESY)
  • 2D ROESY experiment (ROESYW)
  • {1H-13C} correlation without JCH suppression (BIRDPHPR)
  • APT experiment (JMODXH)
  • {13C-1H} correlation (XCORRD)
  • 1D NOE difference experiment (NOEDIFF)
  • Multiple 1D NOE experiments (NOEMULT)
  • DISNMR commands: basic, system, plot, for 2D-experiments, phase editor

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