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IT activity chronologically:

  • high-level programming (1990-91, 1998-2002, 2009-1016 , ++, Pascal, Delphi, MS Office macro, PHP, Smarty, SQL)
  • programming beyond CPU, code for sound synthesizer software (1992-1994, assembler, binary code)
  • low level programming, drivers, antiviruses (1992-1995, Pascal, x86 assembler)
  • sound processing, harmonic analysis, audio studio software (1993-1995, Pascal, x86 assembler)
  • hacking, viruses, protection crack (1993-1995, 2014-2015)
  • database programming (1993, 2000-..., Pascal, , Delphi, PHP, mySQL, pgSQL)
  • office, documentation, databasing and presentations (1995-2002, MS Office)
  • web-design and network service programming (1995-..., HTML, DOM, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, SQL)
  • image processing, polygraphic design (1996-2002, Adobe PhotoShop, Adlus PhotoStyler, KPT, Corel Draw, Corel texture, Ulead GIF animator, Ulead Cool3D, Adobe Illustrator)
  • scientific calculations, cluster analysis (1997-2002, 2010-2015 , Microcalc Origin, MS Excel, Delphi, PHP)
  • Windows system and network administration (1997-..., NT, 2K, XP, W7)
  • PC tune-up, repair, overclocking, upgrade, hardware market analysis (1998-...)
  • editorium/publishing, polygraphy, design (1999-2001, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator)
  • teaching users and administrators (1999-...)
  • (1999-2002, Slackware)
  • 3D-modeling (2000-2002, 3DS max, Corel Dream 3D, Bryce)
  • artificial intelligence, expert systems (2000-2002, Pascal, Delphi)
  • software project supervision (2004-...)

Cars / travels

Cars and motors generally, and auto-travels particularly, are what I always liked a lot:) In many cases car repair has been the wonderful time for me, as well as construction modification, motor and chassis upgrade and tuning, and installation of additional equipnment. The total driving run is 0.5 million km. Since 2005, major application of this activity has been car travelling in Russia, Europe and the USA, and autonomous offroad expeditions in north-west of Russia and middle Asia (once or twice per year). +I have established a club dedicated to Daihatsu Feroza.

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  • Aircraft

    When I was a child my favorite time spending was sitting in the end of a runway, so that planes were taking off and landing over my head. When I see a jet in the sky I feel I'm somehow inwardly linked to this crown of human intellect. Besides studies of many related topics, the love to aviation has had its application in remote-controlled aircraft projecting, assembly, run-in and flights: cord airfight "flying wings" (1985-1994, engine 2.5-3.5 cm3, F2E class), gliders (1986-1995, F1A class), radio-controlled planes (since 2000, engine 5.5-12.0 cm3).


    Teaching activity chronologically:

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    Classics and metal. More details are available at the dedicted "Thrash!" page.