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 Director  Country, year  Title  Prizes
Jean-Jacques Annaud USA, 2000 infEnemy at the gates    MP4
Michelangelo Antonioni USA, 1969 infZabriskie Point    DVD
Italy-France-Spain, 1974 infThe passenger    Cas
Igor Apasyan wow!2006 Graffiti    MP4
Carrol Ballard USA, 1983 infNever cry wolf    MP4
Michael Bay USA, 2002 infPearl Harbor  O DVD
Vladimir Bortko Russia, 2005 infMaster and Margarita    MP4
USSR, 1991 infAfghan breakdown    MP4
Martin Brest USA, 1992 infScent of a Woman  OGGG MP4
James Bridges wow!USA, 1979 infThe China Syndrome  BB DVD
Tim Burton USA, 1999 infSleepy hollow    DVD
James Cameron USA, 1991 infTerminator 2: Judgement day  OOOOBB DVD
Grigoriy Chukhray wow!USSR, 1959 infBallad of a Soldier  C 2x Golden Gate and other MP4
Joel Coen USA, 1990 infMiller's crossing  Silver Shell MP4
Francis Copolla USA, 1979 infApocalypse now    DVD
Ericson Core USA, 2019 infTogo    MP4
Georgiy Danelia USSR, 1986 infKin-dza-dza    DVD
Guillermo del Toro Spain-Mexico, 2001 infThe devil's backbone  Amsterdam, France MP4
Federico Fellini Italy, 1954 infLa Strada    DVD
Milos Forman wow!USA, 1975 infOne flew over the cuckoo's nest  OOOOO DVD
USA, 1996 infThe People vs. Larry Flint  GG DVD
USA, 1984 infAmadeus  OOOOOOOO Cezar DVD
1981 infRagtime    MP4
Stephen Frears USA, 2000 infFail Safe    MP4
William Friedkin USA, 2000 infRules of engagement    MP4
Sidney Furie USA, 2001 infUnder Heavy Fire    DVD
Mel Gibson USA, 2016 infHacksaw Ridge  OO BAFTA, 3 x Satellite MP4
Terry Gilliam USA, 1995 inf12 Monkeys  G 3 x Saturn MP4
Great Britain, 1985 infBrazil  B 2 x BAFTA MP4
Paul Greengrass wow!UK, 1999 infThe Theory of flight    MP4
USA, 2020 infNews of the world    MP4
Taylor Hackford USA, 2000 infProof of life    MP4
Gregory Hoblit USA, 2007 infFracture    MP4
Jang Hun South Korea, 2011 infThe front line  Asian academy, 4 x Grand Bell MP4
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu USA, 2006 infBabel  OCCG MP4
Lee Jae-han South Korea, 2011 inf71: into the fire  Grand Bell and other MP4
Duncan Jones UK, 2009 infMoon  BAFTA, 4 x Sitges, ... MP4
Stanley Kramer USA, 1963 infIt's a mad, mad, mad, mad world  O DVD
Sergio Leone wow!USA, 1984 infOnce upon a time in America  BB DVD
Spain-Italy-Germany, 1964 infA fistful of dollars    MP4
John Madden USA, 1998 infShakespeare in love  OOOOOOO MP4
Michael Mann USA, 1998 infHeat    MP4
Rob Marshall USA, 2005 infMemoirs of a geisha    MP4
Peter Masterson USA, Canada, 1993 infArctic Blue    MP4
Martin McDonagh USA, 2008 infIn Bruges  G BAFTA, ... MP4
Sam Mendes wow!USA, 1999 infAmerican beauty  OOOOOGGG
George Miller USA, 1985 infMad Max Beyond Thunderdome    MP4
Antony Mingella wow!USA, 1996 infThe English patient  OOOOOOOOO DVD
USA, 1999 infThe Talented Mr. Ripley  BAFTA, 2 x NBRMP DVD
USA, 2003 infCold Mountain  OG 2 x BAFTA MP4
Vladimir Motyl USSR, 1969 infWhite sun of the desert    MP4
Lance Mungia USA, 1998 infSix-String Samurai    MP4
Mike Newell USA, 2007 infLove in the time of cholera    MP4
Kim Nguyen Canada, 2016 infTwo lovers and a bear    MP4
Christopher Nolan USA-Great Britain, 2006 infThe Prestige    MP4
Yuriy Norshteyn USSR, 1979 infTale of Tales  Oberhausen, Lille, etc. MP4
Stuart Orme USA, 2005 infColditz    DVD
Brian de Palma USA, 1993 infCarlito's way    DVD
Alan Parker wow!USA, 1982 infThe Wall    DVD
USA, 1978 infMidnight express  OGBBB DVD
Michael Patinson wow!Australia-Japan, 1995 The last bullet    MP4
Alexander Proshkin USSR, 1988 The cold summer of 1953  (RUS) MP4
Harold Ramis USA, 1993 infGroundhog day    DVD
Kevin Reinolds USA, 2006 infTristan & Isolde    MP4
Andrew Smirnov USSR, 1970 Belorussian train station    DVD
Martin Scorsese USA, 2002 infGangs of New York    MP4
Jake Scott Great Britain, 1999 infPlunkett and Macleane    MP4
Ridley Scott USA, 1982-1992 infBlade runner    MP4
Charles Martin Smith wow!Canada, 2003 infThe Snow Walker  6 x Leo Award DVD
Steven Spielberg USA, 2001 infA.I. Artificial Intelligence  Venice DVD
USA, 1985 infThe color purple    MP4
wow!USA, 1993 infSchindler's list  OOOOOOOGGG
wow!USA, 1998 infSaving private Ryan  OOOOO DVD
USA, 2004 infThe Terminal    DVD
wow!USA, 2015 infBridge of Spies    mp4
Tom Stoppard 1990 infRozencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead  G mp4
Danis Tanovik Europe, 2001 infNo man's land  OCGCezar DVD
Quentin Tarantino USA, 1994 infPulp fiction  OCGBB DVD
Germany-USA, 2009 infInglourious Basterds  C MP4
USA, 2003 infKill Bill. Part 1    DVD
Andrey Tarkovsky wow!Italy, 1983 infNostalgy  CCC DVD
USSR, 1974 infThe mirror    DVD
USSR, 1972 infSolaris  C DVD
wow!Sweden-France, 1986 infThe sacrifice  CCCC DVD
USSR, 1966 infAndrey Rublev  C DVD
Tom Tykwer Germany, 1998 infRun, Lola, run!  (8 DEU) MP4
Paul Verhoven Germany-Great Britain-Belgium, 2006 infBlack book    MP4
Denis Villeneuve wow!USA, 2017 infBlade Runner 2049  OO 2 x BAFTA, and other MP4
Leigh Whannell USA-Australia, 2018 infUpgrade  Sitges MP4
Billy Wilder USA, 1959 infSome like it hot  OGGG DVD
Simon Wincer USA, 1991 infHarley Davidson and the Marlboro Man    MP4
William Wyler USA, 1953 infRoman holiday  OOOGB DVD
Zhang Yimou China, 2011 infThe Flowers of war    MP4
Edward Zwick USA, 2003 infThe last samurai    MP4
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